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Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Safety World Summit 2015
01 - 02 Oct


  • Event Info

    Conference Focus

    Counterfeit drugs pose a huge threat to the public health worldwide. They are also great challenge for the pharmaceutical industries. The WHO International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT) estimates that in many developing countries more than 30 percent of medicines may be counterfeit.

    The impacts of these illegal drugs are significantly high. The problem is not limited to developing countries but also rampant in the US and EU. With growth in Internet and online marketing the problem has escalated multiple folds.

    Thus, strategies and technologies that can stop the entry of counterfeit medicines into the supply chain and from reaching the patients becomes very significant. Anti-counterfeiting technologies thus provides product authentication and tracking though the supply chain that prevents the entry of counterfeit medicines. As we know this fight is never ending since counterfeiters present us with new challenges through growing sophisticated technologies.

    This platform provides all with an opportunity to interact with regulatory, industry experts and delegates to exchange their experiences on numerous facets of anti-counterfeiting system.

    It will be a great pleasure to welcome all to Anti- counterfeiting and Brand Safety World Summit 2015


    • Current anti-counterfeiting market trends
    • Social media and online pharmacy
    • Handling counterfeiters in hotspot countries
    • Securing supply chain integrity
    • Serialisation strategies and globalization
    • Packaging and labelling technologies and trends
    • Brand protection
    • IP and regulatory enforcement
    • Strategies for public awareness and patient protection
    • Future anti-counterfeiting technologies

    Scope of the conference

    The conference aims to present the regulatory activities and pharmaceutical industry activities to combat counterfeiting. The conference will focus on various regulatory and IP policies, economical innovative technologies and collaborative efforts to fight fake drugs. The conference will also discuss strategies to educate and increase public awareness on counterfeit medicines.

    Who should attend?

    VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Scientific Advisors, Consultants and professionals with intermediate to advance knowledge and experience in the following

    • Counterfeit Protection Management
    • Pharmaceutical Serialisation and Traceability
    • Packaging and labelling companies
    • Supply chain and track and trace
    • Anti-counterfeiting service providers
    • IP specialists and enforcement
    • Regulatory agencies
    • Brand protection
    • Research and Development
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors
    • Pharmaceutical associations
  • Day 1


    Registration & Refreshments


    Chairperson's Opening Remarks - Dr. Paul Tunnah, CEO and Founder, Pharmaphorum

    Anti-Counterfeiting Market and Challenges


    Morning Keynote Address - The Future of Brand Protection is Here: Learn How New Technologies Change the Game

    • What is really happening with online counterfeiters and brand abusers?  
    • How big is the problem of online brand abuse, trademark infringement and counterfeit sales?
    • How is the pharmaceutical industry doing compared to brands in other industries?
    • While companies invest more in brand protection today, the problem continues to grow exponentially. Why?
    • What is the "Dark-Net" and is it the next big threat?
    • Why Pharma companies cannot rely on 20th century technologies and strategies to fight 21st century attackers of their brand?
    • How do you assess the revenue losses of your company as a result of on-line counterfeits sales?
    • Case study: How does BrandShield's revolutionary technologies help top companies fight in this constantly changing arena, minimize revenue losses, and secure brand integrity.

    Yoav Keren, CEO, BrandShield


    Simple Brand Authentication Using a Smartphone - Dr. Jordan - ALPVISION SA


    Jura IQ-R: Adding IT authentication to the serialisation - Roger Pallavicini - JURA JSP GmbH


    Morning Coffee/Tea and Networking


    FMD Compliance - The National Blueprint Approach -

    • Outlining of the FMD + Delegated Act (expected to be adopted by this time!)
    • Unique Identifier: contents + design  
    • Tamper verification
    • Design of the pan-European system – The national blueprint approach

    Johan Verhaeghe, Falsified Medicines Directive Project Manager, EGA- European Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association (Commercial and Partner Management a.i, EMVO)


    QR Codes: Implications on Branding, Patients and Anti-counterfeiting Aaron D Barzey, CEO, ADB Medical


    Networking Luncheon

    IP Enforcement and Regulatory Perspective


    Progress in IP Enforcement in Europe

    • How have the recent changes and events in Europe molded the policies?
    • US strategies to secure IP and how does it differ from EU
    • IP strategies for fighting distribution of fake drugs
    • European Observatory network of OHIM on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights

    Elizabeth Ward, Principal, Virtuoso Legal, IP Specialist


    Panel Discussion - Effective Coordination Between All Stakeholders Of Public and Private Sectors

    • Need for an efficient cooperation across industry
    • Collaboration at regional, national and international levels
    • The best mechanism to work together and its impact.
    • Role of Interpol, WHO, WTO, WIPO
    • How has IMPACT influenced these efforts
    • European stakeholders model (ESM)

    Moderator: Dr Paul Tunnah

    Panelists : Johan Verhaeghe, Elizabeth Ward, Martin FitzGerald


    Afternoon Tea/Coffee


    GS1 Standards: A Tool For Fighting Counterfeiting?

    • Daily interaction is natural and unnoticed
    • The latest GS1 development
    • Enabling regulatory compliance, securing the supply chain and increasing patient safety

     Janice Kite,Traceability Director Healthcare,GS1 Healthcare



    Medicines Verification Systems in Europe – Viewpoint from Wholesale Distributors

    • Falsified Medicines Directive and its Delegated Act on the safety features in context
    • Impact of the Falsified Medicines Directive and its Delegated Act on the safety features on wholesalers
    • Wholesalers perspectives on medicines verification systems – adaption points

    Martin FitzGerald, Deputy Director General,GIRP— European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers


    Chairperson's Closing Remarks


    Networking Drinks Session


    End of Day 1

  • Day 2


    Registration & Refreshments


    Chairperson’s Opening Remarks - David Chen, Consultant, Hydrogen Group

    Serialization and Tracking


    Open-SCS : A Serialization Standard Between The Vendors

    • Problem (what is missing, what is the need)
    • Description of the standard use cases (business level discussion)
    • Who is working on this standard (list of the different vendors)
    • Roadmap of the standard development

     Jean-Pierre Allard, Global Serialization Program Manager, OPTEL VISION, Canada


    Cloud Based System and Information Sharing for Serialization

    • Benefits of information sharing among all in the supply chain
    • Cloud and other computing systems in sharing information.
    • Challenges in networking numerous systems together for information sharing
    • Concerns and security risks associated with it

     Chris Doyle, Managing Director, Genshone Transformation Limited


    How To Protect Your Pharmaceutical Brand And Products Against Today's Online Threats

    Successful methodologies for detecting the online sellers of counterfeit pharmaceuticals

    • Strategies and challenges when removing counterfeit products online
    • Public governance
    • Staying one step ahead of the counterfeiters and new developments in the industry

     David Franklin, NetNames, UK


    Morning Coffee/Tea & Discussion

    Brand Protection and Assessment


    Self-funding Brand Protection Strategies

     Ellen Bamborough, Senior Paralegal, Brand Enforcement


    Developing an effective anti-counterfeiting structure simply by securing your organisations internal processes. Quite simple, isn’t it?"

     Joakim Gustafsson, CEO / Partner, DH Solutions


    Networking Luncheon

    Packaging and Labelling


    Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Technology - Providing Ultimate Flexibility For Tackling Serialization and Compliance

    • Authentication packaging and Track and trace packaging
    • Digital packaging an answer to faster time to market and increasing flexibility.
    • Tamper-evident packaging
    • Leading technologies that can help globalization at the same time be economical

     Patrik Merckell, Global Packaging Technology Program and Operations Manager, Novartis Pharma AG


    Panel Discussion: Are We Winning the Battle Against Counterfeiting and Piracy

    • Increased interest from manufacturers in combating counterfeiting
    • New comprehensive technologies
    • Associations and awareness programs
    • Faster and strict litigations
    • Weakness in the battle- lack of standardization, lack of co-operations between government agencies and private sectors

    Moderator: David Franklin


    Adesina Iluyemi, Joakim Gustafsson, Benoit Goyens, Dalia Kellenberger


    Afternoon Tea/Coffee

    Public Awareness and Patient Protection


    Challenges On Fighting Fake Drugs in Brazil

     Jose Henrique Vasi Werner,  Dannemann Siemen Advogados, Brazil


    Preventing Poison: Innovation to the rescue: Adesina Iluyemi, CEO, Healthtronics Consultancy

    • Mobile telephony to tackle drug counterfeiting in Africa
    • Understanding the informal medicine markets in Africa
    • How pharmaceutical companies can navigate complex supply chain

    Adesina Iluyemi, CEO, Healthtronics Consultancy

    Anti-Counterfeiting Technology-Next Decade


    Staying ahead of Today’s Counterfeiters

    • A Global anti-counterfeiting platform for law enforcement
    • Combining interception operations, trainings, and use of gateway to actionable information
    • Using security technologies on products and facilitating their access to customs officers
    • Interfacing with existing platforms that hold valuable information in the fight against counterfeiting

     Benoit Goyens, IPM Project Manager, World Customs Organization


    Chairperson’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference

  • Speakers

    Yoav Keren

    View Profile Yoav Keren is a co-founder and CEO of BrandShield Ltd., a provider of a new innovative brand protection system. Keren has over 15 years of experience in the field, being the CEO of Domain The Net an ICANN accredited registrar that specializes in brand protection. Keren is a GNSO council member at ICANN representing the registrars stakeholder group, and is also known as an expert in the field of IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names). Keren holds an MBA from the Kellogg & Recanati business schools (Northwestern University & Tel-Aviv University), and a B.A. in Physics and Economics from the Tel-Aviv University. Hide

    Johan Verhaeghe
    FMD Project Manager

    View Profile Johan Verhaeghe joined the EGA in January 2015 as the Falsified Medicines Directive Project Manager. As part of the Market Access team, he provides support to EGA member companies and National Associations with regard to the implementation process of complying with this European Directive in line with EGA’s commitment in this field: to help create a safer medicines supply chain in order to protect European citizens by bringing various stakeholders of the supply chain together and uniting them in a win-win spirit to achieve this aim. With an educational background in philosophy, Johan approaches projects with pragmatism and excels in keeping a sharp focus on the goals to be achieved. Hide

    Roger Pallavacini
    Sales Director Europe

    View Profile Born 17.5.1961 in Graz Graduate from TU Graz, Wirtschaftsingenieur, D.I. Thesis on quality management in industrial plant engineering Postgraduate from Oakland Universtity, Michigan in Engineering Management, M.Sc. 6 years with VOITH (paper machinery division, design and sales) 15 years with Austrian Banknote Printers and Austrian Mint, head of international sales (for 40 countries) 2 years with Landqart AG, banknote paper sales 2 years at Fotorotar AG, head of the security printing division current IQ-R track & trace solution, sales director Europe at Jura JSP GmbH Hide

    Adesina Iluyemi
    Healthtronics Consulting

    View Profile Dr Adesina Iluyemi is an Executive Board member of NEPAD Council and co­chairs its Global Health Commission. He has delivered lectures and speeches on diverse topics such as Africa’s development, digital health, global health, infrastructure, science, technology & innovation, ICTs, agriculture, peace and security, international trade, business and economic growth. He has been invited to speak at various national and international conferences and has contributed to global debates at renowned international think­tanks such as Chatham House, Wilton Park, ICPS and NUPI. Adesina has been aired by both print and visual media in Africa, Europe and North America, for example by CNN, CNBC, Vox TV, BEN TV, Voice of America and South African Broadcasting Corporation. He is a Founder HEALTHTRONICS (UK) Ltd and a Judge for the GSMA Global Mobile Awards since 2012. Hide

    Janice Kite
    Traceability Director Healthcare
    GS1 Healthcare

    View Profile Prior to undertaking the assignment with GS1 Global Office to facilitate the development of process and technical Traceability standards, Janice was a senior Manager with responsibility for eBusiness for Johnson & Johnson’s UK Medical Device and Diagnostic companies. This role continued a common thread throughout her career of roles at various stages of the extended supply chain with the trend of moving downstream closer to the external customer. She has held a number of positions with medical device industry associations: ABHI and Eucomed. Her MBA dissertation (Hypothesis: Medical Device manufacturer applied or embedded RFID has benefits to Patient Safety over existing Auto-ID technologies, e.g. Bar Codes) received critical acclaim. Hide

    Martin FitzGerald
    Deputy Director General

    View Profile GIRP is the European association which is headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) and brings together the over 600 pharmaceutical full-line wholesaling companies and their national associations from 31 European countries. Martin FitzGerald, deputy to the Director General, advises the association on a matrix of pharmaceutical and legal issues impacting upon the interests of the pharmaceutical full-line wholesale sector in Europe. He also represents the association externally and in this respect works with the European institutions such as the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council as well as with other European and International organisations such as the Council of Europe and the WHO. Another important part of his work consists in liaising with European stakeholder associations and national health authorities. Hide

    Ellen Bamborough
    Senior Paralegal
    Brand Enforcement

    View Profile Ellen Bamborough graduated with a Masters degree in Law in 2014 from Northumbria University and is currently employed as Senior Paralegal at Brand Enforcement UK Ltd, a specialist legal consultancy and a leading anti-­counterfeiting service provider with experience in all aspects of the criminal enforcement of intellectual property rights. Ellen joined Brand Enforcement UK, in May 2014. Brand Enforcement works closely with the UK law enforcement authorities, co-­ordinating and maximising the effectiveness of all available resources to its brand owner clients. Ellen currently manages Brand Enforcement UK’s LinkedIn group ‘Brand Enforcement IP Professionals’ that has over 7500 members in this niche legal field. Ellen has acted as an adviser to numerous brands and has spoken at various Law Enforcement training events. She is also involved in the work of the UK Anti-­Counterfeiting Group, that regularly carries out coordinated action against illicit traders. Hide

    Patrik Merckell
    Global Packaging Technology Program and Operations Manager
    Novartis Pharma AG

    Jose Henrique Vasi Werner
    Dannemann Siemen Advogados

    View Profile Attorney at Law, Member of the Brazilian Bar Association since 1994 and Industrial Property Agent since 1998. Postgraduate degree in Criminal Law and Procedure from the University Estacio de Sa. Partner in the Dannemann Siemsen law firm, Legal Director of ABRAL – Associacao Brasileira de Licenciamento (Brazilian Licensing Association) and Director-Secretary of ANGARDI - Associação Nacional para Garantia dos Direitos Intelectuais (Brazilian Association for the Safeguarding of Intellectual Property Rights). Member of the CNCP Task Force representing ANGARDI – Associação Nacional para Garantia dos Direitos Intelectuais (Brazilian Association for the Safeguarding of Intellectual Property Rights).

    20 years of experience in civil and criminal litigation, corporate criminal law and criminal litigation involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition and environmental law. Responsible for the organization and administration of massive campaigns against piracy in Brazil, including cases with international repercussions, cross-target seizures and border measures against illegal products. Also responsible for the coordination and administration of due diligence cases, business intelligence and information analysis.

    Author of several articles and book chapters on Intellectual Property, Border Measures Counterfeiting and Piracy. Exhibitor and lecturer at several conferences, seminars and national and international conventions. Professor at EMERJ – School of Magistrates of the State of Rio de Janeiro, teaching classes on Industrial Property. Guest Professor for the Specialization Course on Intellectual Property of GVLaw– Getúlio Vargas Foundation of the State of São Paulo. Guest Professor for the Postgraduate Program in Intellectual Property of PUC / RJ – Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (Pontifical Catholic University of the State of Rio de Janeiro). Guest Professor for the Postgraduate Program in Consumer Law from PUC / RJ. Guest Professor for the Postgraduate Program in Information Law at the Candido Mendes University.

    Elected in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 one of the best Industrial Property lawyers in Brazil by the Publication WTR1000 - World Trademark Review. Elected in 2014 by a Brazilian Publication known as “Analise – Advocacia 500” one of the most admired lawyers in Brazil in different areas of activity.

    Chris Doyle
    Managing Director
    Genshone Transformation Limited

    View Profile Chris has worked with the NHS, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers for his whole career since studying law at Cambridge University in the late 80s. He has very broad experience in operations, commercial and sales & marketing functions and in recent years has focussed on improving NHS efficiency and delivering competitive advantage to manufacturers and suppliers through eProcurement. Until 2014 Chris was the Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK and he brings this specialist knowledge to his new consultancy Genshone. Genshone works with NHS Trusts, manufacturers and solution providers to help them meet the demands of UDI, FMD, serialisation, track and trace, NHS eProcurement and GS1 compliance. Hide

    Joakim Gustafsson
    CEO / Partner
    DH Solutions

    Jean Pierre Allard
    Global Serialization Program Manager

    View Profile Over 15 years experience in the vision industry. Started in spectrometer design and R&D project management to then switch to the Pharmaceutical Packaging industry as a Solution Provider. Within the last 8 years, acting as the Serialization Solution Product Manager, Mr. Allard has been working on the design and the roadmap of vision and software solutions to address the various country product serialization needs. Working closely in various global implementation and as an active member within GS1, HDMA and Open-SCS, Mr. Allard is recognized as one of the serialization subject matter expert. Hide

    Dr Paul Tunnah

    View Profile Paul Tunnah is CEO and Founder of pharmaphorum media,which he launched in 2009 to help all healthcare stakeholders communicate, connect and collaborate in order to drive medical innovation and deliver better outcomes for patients. pharmaphorum media now combines bespoke digital content and social media engagement services through consulting arm Connect Health Innovation with the industry leading online channel pharmaphorum.com, a digital podium for communicating thought leadership and innovation within healthcare. Prior to founding pharmaphorum media in 2009, Paul worked in commercial publishing and consulting with Datamonitor, IMS Health and SmartAnalyst. He is a strong advocate of the power of digital channels, including social media, to help connect ideas and people and has learned how to use them first-hand in building his business. Paul holds both an MA in Biochemistry and DPhil in Biological Sciences from Oxford University Hide

    Dr Fred Jordon
    AlpVision SA

    View Profile Dr. Fred Jordan is co-founder of AlpVision and has served as CEO since June 2001. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and patents and co-inventor of Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint, AlpVision's core technologies. Dr. Jordan has work experience in the United States and in France. In 1999, he received his PhD from the Swiss Technology Institute (EPFL) - Signal Processing Institute (ITS) in Lausanne. Hide

    David Chen
    Hydrogen Group

    Elizabeth Ward
    Vituoso Legal IP Specialist

    View Profile Liz Ward is the Principal at Virtuoso Legal – a boutique IP legal practice with offices in London and Leeds. Liz is acknowledged as a Leader in her Field by Chambers and Partners and has been an acclaimed expert in IP and healthcare for many years. Before qualifying as a solicitor, Liz spent 10 years in the pharma industry as a biochemist. Her first degree in Genetics and Cell Biology and background in big pharma gives Liz a unique insight into the business of healthcare and a technical understanding that is rare in the legal profession. One of Liz’s keen interests is how good IP strategies can help healthcare companies stay safe and keep ahead of the competition. Liz recently published a book “If you’re so clever why aren’t you rich? Intellectual property 10 ways to take your genius to the bank” aimed at giving businesses a commercial understanding of IP in business. Hide

    David Franklin
    Sales Director

    View Profile David Franklin is Global Director of Brand Protection Sales at NetNames. Leading pharmaceutical brands around the world partner with NetNames to be present, protected and prosperous on the internet. A senior executive with 25 years experience, Mr. Franklin joined NetNames in 2008. His day to day responsibilities include the global direction and leadership of the NetNames Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting services, which help clients to detect and remove online threats such as the sale of counterfeit goods, grey market sales, and trademark abuse.

    Mr Franklin is a frequent and well-regarded speaker at conferences, a founder member of the UK Anti-Counterfeit Group and a member of the internet working group of the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition (IACC). He is often called upon by organisations such as the BBC as a subject matter expert on Internet-related matters. Mr. Franklin has a degree in Engineering from Cambridge University and also has a passion for playing jazz on the saxophone in his spare time.

    Benoit Goyens
    IPM Project Manager
    World Customs Organization

    View Profile The World Customs Organization is an intergovernmental organization exclusively focused on customs issues and who represents 180 customs administrations. Within the WCO’s anti-counterfeiting program, Benoit is responsible for the promotion of the IPM tool amongst the private sector and for the technological partnerships. IPM is gateway of information and actionable resources for customs officers. It is the only global anti-counterfeiting tool. Prior to the WCO, Benoit was working in the IT Security industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master in Management from Skema Business School. Hide

    Aaron D Barzey
    CEO, ADB Medical,

    View Profile After graduating from Kings College London with an honours degree in Biochemistry, Aaron Barzey began his career with GlaxoSmithKline as a Medical Information Advisor. Shortly after this he was promoted to the Global Drug Safety team. After 3 years with GSK, and now in receipt of a Masters in Pharmaceutical Medicine, Aaron became a private consultant, contracting with Eli Lilly, Covance (CRO), Sanofi Aventis, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Celgene, Reckitt Benckiser, GSK, Martindale Pharmaceuticals and RB Pharmaceuticals, now known as Indivior. With these companies his career has spanned an impressive breadth of disciplines, working within Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Health Outcomes and Product Marketing. At Reckitt Benckiser Aaron was the global medical affairs lead involved in the rebranding and updating of various products acquired from the acquisition of SSL. This included the re-branding, updating of labelling and packaging of the Scholl consumer brand. Whilst at Celgene, Aaron was appointed as the senior specialist for drug safety, risk management and regulatory affairs. During his tenure, the groups PV guidelines were updated and the entire UK group training on adverse event reporting. Additionally, he successfully managed the UK response to a safety signal which could have resulted in disproportionate action by the health authority, resulting instead in logical and reasonable guidance which, most importantly, put patients first. At GSK, Aaron was the Global Labelling lead for the orphan drug ‘ofatumumab’. He was responsible for the company core datasheets, EU labeling and oversaw the product launch in emerging markets. The major accomplishment was leading the launch of Arzerra for the treatment of chronic lymphatic leukaemia across the EU, Australia and other countries. Currently, Aaron consults for Indivior, aiding the de-merger of Reckitt Benckiser pharmaceuticals from the RB brand to create Indivior as a new company. Alongside giving regulatory advice for the de-merge, Aaron is also the senior executive for Global Labelling and leads global labeling board meetings quarterly. Alongside his consulting work, Aaron is also the founder and CEO of Medical and Scientific Education company, ADB Medical. ADB Medical provided international speaker services to the pharmaceutical industry as well as educational institutions and more. Hide

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    Brand Enforcement

    View Profile Brand Enforcement UK Ltd specialises in the enforcement of intellectual property rights (trademark, design, copyright and patent) and assists brands with their global brand protection strategies. We regularly conduct test purchases and produce investigation reports for our clients on targets. These reports include but are not limited to; financial statements that indicate the size of a trader's operation and highlights any potential Proceeds of Crime Act (PoCA) offences. With two decades of experience, our team has been trained by numerous brands to identity both genuine and counterfeit goods. Hide

    Brand Enforcement

    Pharmaphorum media

    View Profile Pharmaphorum drives innovation within the pharmaceutical industry, by bringing healthcare together through a suite of media services that help produce and disseminate thought leadership, combined with an online platform for communicating messages to a global audience Hide

    Brand Enforcement

    BMI Research

    View Profile BMI Research provides trusted, independent analysis and forecasts on countries, industries and financial markets. Specialising in emerging and frontier markets, we cover macroeconomics, political risk and 24 industry verticals across 200 global markets and use this global awareness to produce a continual, reflexive analysis of how it all fits together. We call it Total Analysis. It's a unique approach and our insights are used by multinationals, governments and financial institutions the world over to guide strategy, policy, trade and investment decisions. Everything we do is accessible through the BMI Research platform or as individual reports. Our customers and clients span more than 160 countries worldwide, including over half of the Global Fortune 500 companies. Businesses, banks, financial service companies, governments, academia and research centres have all come to rely on our analysis, data and forecasts - and have done so for more than 30 years. A Fitch Group Company, we operate globally from offices in London, New York, Singapore and Pretoria. For reports specifically on the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare sector, please see the following link for further information: http://www.bmiresearch.com, or call Tel:+44(o) 20 7246 1403 Hide

    Brand Enforcement


    View Profile SecuringIndustry.com is a free-to-access information service that covers the issues surrounding supply chain and brand security. Our aim is to provide practical advice and intelligence to help manufacturers define and pursue their own strategies for tackling crime including counterfeiting, product diversion, adulteration and theft. We cover key developments in:
    1. Coding and track-and-trace technologies;
    2. The evolution of data standards;
    3. Overt, covert and forensic authentication systems;
    4. Cargo thefts and shipment security;
    5. Developments in the global regulatory environment;
    6. Enforcement actions and case studies; and much more
    The site incorporates breaking news and features, researched and written by specialist industry journalists and guest writers, as well as a regularly updated feed of external editorial from the world's press, a comprehensive and intuitive directory of security-related goods, technologies and services, plus the latest market research and events in supply chain security across multiple industrial sectors.
    Our editorial mission is to identify the most important and relevant information in supply chain security and bring it into one place for our community of readers, with the ultimate aim of helping to protect the rights and welfare of the public and the interests and reputations of commercial organisations.

    Brand Enforcement


    View Profile FarmavitaR+ is the professional network of regulatory affairs consultants. The company profiled itself to be the top service provider in regulatory affairs, in central-east and south-east Europe. We are employing a few people in Croatia and the network of associates in Czech R, Slovak R., Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. Hide

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    Aaron D Barzey-ADB

    Benoit Goyens WCO IPM

    Chris Doyle-Genshone

    Ellen Bamborough - Brand Enforcement

    Janice Kite - GS1

    Jean-Pierre Allard-OPTEL VISION


    Jose Werner- Brazil

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